About VEFF

VEFF board:

Nina Ivarsen Lin Beate Karsten
Nina Ivarsen Lin Karsten Andreas Herzog Ivar M. Næsset Marit Thom Kvale    

Veff (Veritas Funksjonærforbund) is an employee organization only for employees in DNV. VEFF Norway holds 800 members and was established more than 40 years ago.

  • VEFF organizes employees in DNV Denmark, and are more than 100 members.
  • VEFF offers membership to workers in all groups in DNV – also management; we are working for a non-discriminatory workplace.
  • VEFF organises 50% of the civil engineers and engineers in DNV Norway.
  • VEFF members are ensured participation and influence their own work.
  • VEFF is headquartered in Hovik, in addition, we have representatives in all DNV offices.
  • VEFF is a knowledge and learning organization that is adapted to future challenges in the workplace.
  • VEFF sees all their members as knowledge workers, and shall protect each member within the local organisation.
  • VEFF will in the coming period be a clear voice for members’ interests, allowing all members to experience a sense of belonging in a common culture.
  • Chairperson of VEFF is the Chair of GEF (Global Employee Forum)
  • Chairperson of VEFF is also elected employee representative in the Board of Directors from 2016